Into the wild

More than ever, nature is a treasure we need to defend and respect. By visiting natural places in a eco-friendly and sustainable way, we aim to help those ecosystems thrive. Through our support of local communities our ambition is to play our part in helping these beautiful regions remain vibrant and to maintain the careful balance and coexistence of mankind and nature. We are convinced that encountering the beauty of the natural surroundings of France and Spain encourages us all to strive for its protection.

The coast of Cadiz is known as “the coast of light”,

for the sunlight that reflects on the sandstone cliffs… it’s an absolute wonder to see. There we will meet our Captain, Jorge, who has been fishing tuna along this coast for decades. He will sail us around the waters of Barbate natural park, which is a natural sea reserve with a very unique biosphere. He will explain to us the tradition of tuna fishing which goes all the way back to moorish times. Jorge will disembark us at the harbour in Barbate, known as the mecca of the tuna fishermen. We cannot leave here without having tasted the freshest tuna of our lives.

Border lands between La Rioja, Navarra and Alava, the high plateaus of Urbasa enjoy a micro climate auspicious for raising a special breed of goat.

Today, after a walk in a fairytale-like forest we will meet some special people. Ricardo and Cristina are from an endangered species, they are shepherds and cheese producers in this remote place of europe. Their cheeses have been rewarded by all the best prizes in Europe and provide all the big names of local gastronomy. They will give us a cheese masterclass. And we will have a glimpse of what can be the tough life of a shepherd nowadays.

The Monfrague National Reserve is a biosphere reserve in Extremadura where Christina and Alberto, two young biologists, will drive us into the natural Reserve where their family owns lands.

An incredible opportunity to witness this natural wonder. Monfrague is in fact internationally famous for being the biggest reserve of vultures and imperial eagles in Europe. Our two experts in birdwatching and wild local fauna will help us to spot the black vultures and Imperial Eagles of the Reserve. A gentle hike in this natural paradise will lead us to a very nice picnic table, with all the specialities from the area, and fresh local wines, and also Christina’s own honey!!


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