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A passionate, well experienced team of professionals with bases in France and Spain delivering unique made-to-measure travel experiences.

The companies behind

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Based in Madrid and Toulouse, Ojalá and France à la carte can boast real knowhow and experience in leading tours in their respectives countries.

Having developed a large network of quality suppliers over the years, they are both able to develop the most creative, refined, high-end itineraries you could imagine

By sharing their expertise they operate over a huge territory and cover two quintessential countries in Mediterranean Europe. In Europe Actually, both companies amplify their offer while guaranteeing the same high-quality standards and services.

Who we are

Europe Actually is a family-run business


Created France à la Carte more than 15 years ago now and has been running it successfully ever since. Working with a range of long time partners and provider


her son, is building on this legacy and, as General Manager, is leading the company by building on the same foundations & principles laid down by his mum, while adapting it to the realities of the current situation.


who for 10 years designed trips for leading companies in the luxury travel industry, decided to launch his own company in Madrid, and so Ojalá was born.

''A team with the same vision
of the future of tourism''

Sharing the same vision of the future of tourism and the challenges of the industry post-pandemic, Dylan and Sébastien decided to merge their two companies in Europe Actually allowing them to cover more ground and bring together their intimate knowledge of their two destinations, whilst also keeping their own identities.

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