Inner Travel:
a journey back to yourself

You can forget about all the things that don’t really matter. It’s time to travel back to yourself. Getting away for a while from the day-to-day activities of modern life is a privilege you have to consider. We know places and people that will help you to connect with this quiet place inside of you. Connecting with nature, eating healthy food, meditating, practising yoga or whatever you feel like doing for yourself, we will help you organise this journey back to your real self.

Forest bathing in the basque country.

Do a conscious walk into some of the most sacred places of the basque country : the mounts of Ambote, where the goddess Ama watches over the souls of the basque people.Filled with trees those mounts are known to shelter a lot of energy and the woods have the fame to nourish your soul. No better place to reconnect with nature and with yourself.

Yoga and surf day retreat.

Mercedes, your yoga teacher for today will receive you into her own little ashram next to the beach of Cadiz. A yoga class followed by a meditation rocked by the sound of the ocean’s waves into her lovely private temple will help you to find your inner balance. Surfing the waves you were listening to is also a way to find your balance, Diego, Mercede’s husband, will teach you how to surf the wave.

Do a meditative walk into the canyons of southern Catalunya.

Silent walking is one of the best ways to disconnect from the daily stress and routine.

The canyons of Beceite invites inner silence, the sound of water gently flowing and the birds inhabiting the place makes it the perfect soundtrack to your active meditation.


Try something else


Try something else