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Travelling & discovering places with your family, friends or small parties of people you love and care for, is priceless. We organise experiences that fit all ages, all interests and that can include any member of your family or group. Travelling with us means you’ll always feel safe and that you can rely on a whole team of professionals for whatever purchases you might have. We can procure private events, transfers and look after the well-being of those you care for.

Whales watching in the Basque Country is now a reality within everyone’s reach thanks to responsible ecotourism.

The Cantabrian Sea, which encompasses Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria, and the Basque country, is extremely fortunate for its waters to be very rich in biodiversity. The Bay of Biscay shows us all its splendor and gives us unforgettable images and experiences.Seeing whales and dolphins on the Basque Coast, led by the naturalist and cetacean expert Gorka Ocio, is today an unavoidable excuse to visit these lands  and learn about their traditions. A wonderful activity to share with the entire family, which will for sure procure you some lifelong memories.

Bird and lynx watching in the natural reserve of Doñana.

Doñana National Park presents us with a huge variety of landscapes inhabited by countless species of animals and plants. Its extension and strategic position make this natural space an important wintering site for migratory birds that cross the European and African continents. Doñana is the ideal space for nature lovers and families who want to deepen their knowledge of european endangered species and flora. On this family oriented safari you’ll develop your sensibility to new ecological challenges.

Treasure hunt in Cadaqúès! An adventure for the whole family to discover the Costa Brava.

A game to share knowledge on the tracks of the pirates who crossed this city. Decode the treasure map that will lead you to the pirates’ place, where a mysterious pirate message will show you the way to the treasure. Many people remember the pirate “Barbarossa” as a fantastic character, but for the villagers of Cadaqués, the famous pirate and his brother are still in his memory. Cadaqués Pirates Treasure Hunting Circuit allows you to discover through a game the world of Pirates, Sailors, Merchants, Corsairs and what they meant in this town.


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