Wine is a bottled poem

France and Spain produce some of the finest wines in the world and in some of the most renowned chateaux & bodegas. There’s no better and more noble product than wine to get to understand a region, its people, their traditions, their history and beliefs. Deeply rooted in their soil, the grapes & vines have passed down through several generations and personal stories. Wine connects generations and leaves space for innovation as well as ancestral knowledge. By getting to understand these vintages you’ll experience real communion with the people who lovingly produce them.

The Duero region is, with La Rioja, the other heavyweight in Spanish wines.

Close to  Aranda de Duero there’s a tiny village which does not have more than 23 inhabitants. Negon winery, the new sensation in the Duero wine area, is settled in this tiny village. This is where the Negro Gonzalez family decided to elaborate their sumptuous wines, respecting the strict rules of biodynamic and lunar cycles. You may or may not believe it or it might sound like a new-age hippie thing to you, but once you’ll have tried their wines it will clear your last doubts about the quality of their wines. Negon wineries sell their confidential production, mainly to famous Michelin restaurants throughout Europe. Lunar cycles are wiser we might believe…

Heroic is the word that perhaps best describes the Ribeira Sacra, one of the five renowned wine regions in Galicia.

You might have visited and seen a lot of places where viticulture is extremely complex due to the steep slopes like the Mosell in Germany or the Douro Valley in Portugal, however, these fade in comparison to Ribeira Sacra´s impressive canyons full of vineyards literally falling into the Sil river some hundred meters down. We offer you to visit it directly from the water level, enjoying a cruise on Alberto’s boat. Our native winemaker host will explain to us the singularities of the region and then invite us to taste them in his wine estate all the way above (we’ll climb driving though) where you will enjoy a white wine tasting overlooking this spectacular landscape.

Today Pili and Carmen Sanmartin will take us to visit the land where their ancestors began cultivating grapes.

Pili and Carmen are fourth-generation winemakers, and these wise ladies will show us the love and dedication they infuse into their wines. From the biodynamic principles that go into making the wine to the artist that draws the label on the bottle, you’ll understand that every single detail is carefully scrutinised… and this will make you enjoy even more those subtle flavours in your glass.


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