Moving Makes Things Happen

We want your stay to be a complete experience, that you feel the topography of the region you visit, and learn why the sea breeze in the vineyards plays such a vital role in the wine produced, or why the altitude has so much to do with the flavour of a goat cheese… Every place is different and to really appreciate them, you need to visit them differently. By boat, walking, on an e-bike or in a hot air balloon, we want you to experience our regions the best and safest way possible.

Aix-en- Provence is a lovely town full of charm,

lovely markets with local producers and artisans, bars, cafés and all those features we expect of a Provence town. But in Aix-en-Provence you will also find beautiful nature around, arid mediterranean mounts with a special light and unique colours of the lavender blooming that makes the whole landscape almost magical. We want to bring you for a hike around the beautiful cliffs of Mont Sainte Victoire. On this gentle trail, with our local guide, we will have the opportunity to admire the different points and views from the Mont Sainte Victoire, just as the great Cézanne once did to paint it. Walking this trail you will understand why Cézanne, Van Gogh, Matisse and most of the greatest painters of the last century came here in seek of inspiration At the end of our walk, we will enjoy a very pleasant picnic lunch with plenty of local specialties: cold-cuts, cheese, bread, wine. The whole thing is catered by local producers and we will have a thoroughly bucolic time.

Collioure, the jewel of the ‘Côte Vermeille’,

where the rocky coastline of the Pyrenees meets the Mediterranean. Collioure remains a favourite site for budding artists looking to recapture the magic of Matisse, Derain and other ‘fauvists’ who were so enthralled by the play of light and the coastline here.We will embark for a 5 hour private cruise on a sailboat with our crew, Eric & Alexandra. Casting off from the harbour in Collioure, and discovering the Côte Vermeille. Eric, an experienced captain and sailing instructor & Alexandra, professional sailor and passionate pastry cook, will suggest us an itinerary depending on weather conditions and our wishes. For lunch, they will prepare healthy products of local and seasonal production. Onboard Paddle-Windsurfing, Wings, sunbathing, and all those sea-faring activities.

We want you to meet Lionel.

 From an early age, he developed a taste for nature and the landscapes of the Périgord Noir and the Dordogne region, which he made his playground of. Holder of state certificates for canoe-kayak instructor, river guide, tandem paraglider and hot-air balloon pilot, he will be able to offer you way more than a simple balloon flight, he will reveal to you the magic of the Dordogne. Imagine the first rays of sunlight stroking sandstone castles emerging from the morning mist giving a dreamlike air to the landscape… You’ll definitely need a glass of Bergerac’s white wine to recover from this experience.


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