Into the wild

More than ever, nature is a treasure we need to defend and respect. By visiting natural places in a eco-friendly and sustainable way, we aim to help those ecosystems thrive. Through our support of local communities our ambition is to play our part in helping these beautiful regions remain vibrant and to maintain the careful balance and coexistence of mankind and nature. We are convinced that encountering the beauty of the natural surroundings of France and Spain encourages us all to strive for its protection.

There’s a place in southern France that stayed out of the radar of mass tourism.

The Camargue region is a unique place with its own traditions and culture. Marshlands where bulls and horses are bred and where bird migration-s routes are passing by, a small paradise of happy few who are initiated. There, Olivier, our host, and owner of one of the oldest equestrian stables in the area will wait for us with his Camargue breed horses and will come along with us for a unique ride into the regional park. We will spend our day discovering the extraordinary biodiversity of the Lower Camargue, with its mosaic of environments (reed beds, marshes, ponds…), its characteristic flora, and its emblematic fauna, with plenty of waterfowl including the famous pink flamingo. Exploring this unique and unspoilt nature spot in the best possible way, on horseback.

Arcachon Bay (Bassin d’Arcachon).

This little inland sea open on the ocean is known for its exceptional natural heritage & beautiful oyster villages that have remained authentic and untouched over the years. There we will embark on a “Pinasse”, the traditional long and narrow wooden boats, and meet Thierry, our skipper for the day. We’re going to cruise with him around the bay, and admire the iconic “cabane tchanquée’’.

Some miles away from the Dordogne’s river banks in this lush and beautiful countryside

we will meet Edouard and his faithful dog Farah. In an old mansion, Edouard produces black truffles and all the products derived from this noble mushroom. He will explain to us his passion for this very special mushroom and all the nuances of its flavour, and of course, we will have a truffle hunt with Farah and her exceptional sense of smell. We will enjoy our lunch at their estate and discover the many ways to cook this star ingredient in the local cuisine.


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