Inner Travel:
a journey back to yourself

You can forget about all the things that don’t really matter. It’s time to travel back to yourself. Getting away for a while from the day-to-day activities of modern life is a privilege you have to consider. We know places and people that will help you to connect with this quiet place inside of you. Connecting with nature, eating healthy food, meditating, practising yoga or whatever you feel like doing for yourself, we will help you organise this journey back to your real self.

Into the Rhône Valley somewhere in between Lyon and Avignon in the middle of a luxuriant nature lies Hauteville,

a beautiful mansion from the belle époque where Arnaud Desjardins, incessant spiritual seeker that studied Sufism, Buddhism and non dual traditions created a center made for westerners to have a practical approach to the oriental meditative traditions.  Hauteville transmits a spiritual practice that is lived mainly on a daily basis, at the heart of concrete existence and where moments of silence, conducive to interiorization, alternate moments of sharing and reflection.

Do you want to be part of the big change?

A weekend retreat in the Provence wilderness based on “The Work That Reconnects” by Joanna Macy. Its objective is to discover new possibilities and physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resources to face the current situation on the planet. The experimental nature of this workshop brings out our ecological consciousness and enables us to act in the world.

‘‘Les Sources de Caudalie’’,

a 5-star hotel dedicated to the French Art of Living in the heart of the Château Smith Haut Lafitte vineyards, classified Grand Crus in the Graves région. Undoubtedly one of the best hotels in France but also a thermal Spa where you will enjoy a wellbeing experience with Thaï massages and special jacuzzis with grape’s skins where you can bask in the water coming directly from the hot spring located 540 meters underground!


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