Curating your stay

Shapes, colours, textures, materials and inspiration. Our two countries are rich with some of the most astounding art collections, artists, designers & creators. We would be delighted to reveal those treasures to you, to open the doors of the workshops, museums and galleries or concerts halls. We can always rely on the insights and knowledge of true specialists whose ambition is making the Arts accessible to anyone genuinely interested.

Getaria, a lovely fishing port famous for being the home of explorer Sebastian El Cano,

first man to tour the globe, but also home to the great fashion designer Balenciaga.The artist left a work admired by all the biggest names in fashion and design. The museum dedicated to his work is definitely worth visiting. Our host, Miki, an industrial graphic designer and expert in the history of the arts, will guide us around this fascinating fashion museum.

Cáceres in Extremadura is a lovely medieval town full of charms and amazing gastronomy,

but its dimensions are pretty small and we must admit it is a provincial town that enjoys tranquility far from the frenzy of chic and trendy capitals. Although you might be surprised to find within the walls of the ancient town, the foundation of Miss Helga de Alvear. This German lady who became one of the most important art collectors and art dealers of the XXth century. Considered one of the largest collections of international contemporary art, the most important in Spain and one of the most relevant in Europe, the museum has artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Aï Wei Wei, Olafur Eliasson, Kandinsky or Picasso. All those names and pieces that make the most cosmopolitan cities jealous are part of the incredible collection of Helga de Alvear which reflects her passion for the state of the art in our present days.

Solo Houses … the dream come true of a French and Spanish couple.

Christian Bourdais and Eva Albarran represent the meeting of two worlds that you might think are opposites. The developer and the art producer have, however, come together to create a fine blend of architecture, art and real estate. Against the 100-hectare natural backdrop of the majestic “Los Puertos de Beceite” natural park of the Matarraña region, Solo Houses is a skillful blend of architecture, works of art and landscaped paths designed especially for the site. Standing as the first collection of architecture in Europe, Solo Houses invites holidaymakers and visitors to take on an immersive artistic and architecture journey.


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