Carpe Diem, the quintessential gourmet

France and Spain can easily claim having two of the best gastronomies in the world, and each country has its own, numerous specialities. Tasting local products, dishes, recipes, is a wonderful way to discover a culture, traditions, and to share unique moments with local people. We want you to savour, to touch, to smell, to be sensually involved in this art of gastronomy

Laguardia, in La Rioja, is considered to be one of the prettiest medieval towns in Spain,

built on the top of a hill and overlooking an immense ocean of vineyards, you can grasp the whole region from upthere. In this lovely setting we will meet Javi, a young winemaker born and raised in the very heart of Laguardia, he owns a wine store and the guy seems to be the mayor of town, he just salutes everyone on his way. He will be our host for a cooking class, showing us how to cook  local and seasonal dishes that we will enjoy for lunch obviously. After that  lunch we will have the pleasure of going into his cave where he elaborates his best blends and trying his own production of local, biodynamic wine.

We want you to meet Jose, a former architect and urban planner in Madrid,

who decided to live his dream by retiring to these mountains. He will be our host in the eco-friendly house that he designed and built himself. Apart from his designing skills, he’s a wonderful chef too, and will show us how to prepare a local dish with the paprika peppers that are grown by his very neighbor. After lunch he will show us Garganta la Olla, the village just next to his house and the best spot to buy an ice cream (hopefully it won’t be paprika flavoured).

Why not try a delicious lunch in a traditional Furancho,

typical places where the fisherman’s families sell and cook the catch of the day, and, accompanied by their own wine, it’s the best food you can think of. Often in these Furanchos, groups of Galician folk musicians gather to sing their seaman songs and dance their pain away.


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