Carpe Diem, the quintessential gourmet

France and Spain can easily claim having two of the best gastronomies in the world, and each country has its own, numerous specialities. Tasting local products, dishes, recipes, is a wonderful way to discover a culture, traditions, and to share unique moments with local people. We want you to savour, to touch, to smell, to be sensually involved in this art of gastronomy

Hôtel la Mirande in Avignon is renowned to be one of the best examples of the French art of living.

The old kitchen installed in the middle of the mid-19th century to serve the needs of the Pamards, then one of the leading families in Avignon, is also the setting for the “Table Haute” cooking school. Its resident chef and some of the region’s greatest chefs, lead cooking classes for all culinary enthusiasts, from those looking for an introduction to the art of Provencal cooking to those wishing to enhance their knowledge of gastronomy… you’ll definitely get out of there with a wider knowledge on french cuisine, and having tasted the best gastronomy of the area. Bon appétit!

Château Ambe Tour Pourret,

is one of the most renowned  Grand Cru vineyards in the area close to Libourne, one of the richest wine regions in France. There, the Lannoye family will host us for a local food cooking class in the Château’s kitchen. This will be the occasion for us to understand local habits and the traditional way of life in this part of France. Meanwhile, after cooking the seasonal ingredients we will, of course, taste the estate’s blends and best wines.

Pat Hains is waiting for us today.

She has already warmed up her wood fire oven in Saint Cirq Lapopie, considered to be one of the most beautiful villages in France. She’ll teach us all the tricks to making one of the crunchiest and tastiest bread you’ll ever have. By being one of the staunchest defenders of local flours and having studied bakery in the best schools in Europe, she’s most certainly the best teacher we could hope for today.


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