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Juan is a young hot air balloon pilot.

He flew over all types of landscapes, the arabian deserts, the capadocia chapels, the forests of canada, … And Juan is affirmative, the flight over Segovia is undoubtedly  one of the most impressive in Europe. From the sky  we will be able to see in detail the fortress, aqueduct and cathedral of this incredible city. Witness the mountains of Guadarrama and the wide plains of Castilla flying over the ancient heart of one of the most powerful realms.

We are happy to introduce to you Marco Barba, an authentic figure in the equestrian world.

He has dedicated his whole life to those splendid animals and teaches in veterinary schools throughout Europe. Marco will ride with us and show us the route to the “Médulas”, an amazing UNESCO world heritage site, which is an old gold mine dating back to the Romans more than 1800 years ago. Amazing rock formations will reveal their splendor to you, and you’ll understand why this region was so important to the rest of the world during antiquity. A once in a lifetime horseback ride passing through the chestnut trees and 2000 years of history.

Meet your captain Mark on the deck of the Flor de Loto boat.

A fabulous wooden ship from the late 70’s. You’ll glide on the deep blue water of the Mediterranean sea, enjoying some snacks, drinks and if you are lucky you might even swim with the dolphins. Enjoy this beautiful sailboat of 1978, the Lotus Flower, where undoubtedly will continue to provide many moments, perfect ones and many of them unforgettable, so… keeping floating in the immensity of sea.

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